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Aikido is a relatively new martial art developed from ancient physical practices infused with Shinto spirituality and mysticism by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) in the last century.

Diligent training in Aikido develops coordination of body, Mind and spirit .Through its philosophy and techniques, Aikido can bring us in harmony with our environment, other people and ourselves. Unlike many martial arts aikido has no competition, and is practiced successfully by people of all ages and abilities. Aikido practice develops flexibility, coordination, concentration, improved health and fitness, effective communication skills and self-esteem.

Central to Aikido is the idea of being in harmony within yourself, balancing the energy at the point of conflict with the attacker, rather than entering into a fight with them. The movement and energy of an attack is absorbed and redirected without the need for collision or the use of external force. The physical practice of this fundamental principle of Aikido leads to a better understanding of people and nature, while teaching the essential skills for the resolution of conflict. The movements of Aikido appear circular, but are in fact spherical, always spiralling and flowing. They are designed on the principles of nature and movements are either circular(arcing), triangular(angles) or square(linear). When Aikido is performed well there is great beauty and composure in the movements of both partners.

The Aikido dojo (meaning ‘place of The Way’)

provides a secure and friendly environment where we can begin to recognise and overcome our fears, anxieties, reactions and habits. Aikido training is entirely non-competitive and fosters a cooperative and supportive attitude. The concentration and discipline required for Aikido training brings focus to our daily lives. Aikido challenges us to improve our skills and attempt new things.

By achieving these skills, we gain confidence in our ability to maintain stability whenever we encounter difficulty. The first thing you notice about someone is their attitude. If your attitude and thoughts are positive, your life reflects positive results.

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