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Almost as long as martial arts have been around, artists have incorporated bo staffs, nunchaku, sai, and other similar tools into their training. Whether it is used in sparring or forms, learning an armed martial art are an impressive show of skill. Learning weaponry technique can be another great element to add to your training that will challenge your skills and allow you to learn new abilities and techniques. The development of weaponry skills is often the next step taken after a martial artist feels they have advanced to a certain point or even mastered a particular fighting style. It is great for gaining additional expertise and adding further discipline into your training routine.

Century offers a great selection of foam, wood, and metal utensils for sparring, training and demonstrations. We also carry decorative katana, throwing stars, and a variety of tools for personal self-defense, like Munio keychains, Actionflex, as well as wood and polypropylene props for self-defense training and Krav Maga.

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