Combined Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts training

Today’s MMA mentality is about individual practitioners choosing to meld only the physical techniques from seemingly unrelated martial arts. For example, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo and boxing might work for one practitioner but not for another practitioner. Furthermore, the goal of the MMA fighter is not to create a new martial art or become a master or follow a codified moral philosophical path but to use his personal hybrid to compete or train in self-defense.

Typically, MMA training includes practicing and combining several stand-up fighting styles (boxing, clinch fighting, muay Thai) and several brands of grappling techniques from various arts (judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo). The practitioner also trains in several ground-fighting methods (Brazilian jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling).

  1. Boxing is often called the Western martial art, but it’s more accurately identified as a martial sport. Since the appearance of humans, competition for food, mates and territory, people have undoubtedly been attacking each other with fists. The oldest record of boxing dates back to 4000 B.C.; an Egyptian pyramid from that era contain ...
  2. In the late 1800s, a folk style of wrestling called Lancashire catch-as-catch-can wrestling was created by local coal miners in Wigan, Lancashire County in England. From there, catch-as-catch-can wrestling spawned freestyle wrestling, collegiate wrestling, shootwrestling and catch wrestling. Catch wrestling also finds its roots in Irish ...
  3. Traditionally, grappling was always synonymous with the combative sport of wrestling. Back then, wrestlers were called grapplers and grapplers were called wrestlers. During traditional grappling competitions, two unarmed opponents engaged in a hand-to-hand struggle, and the goal was to throw your opponent to the ground and gain control over him.
  4. Kickboxing is a generic martial arts term that refers to a modern combative sport rooted in karate, Western boxing and muay Thai. Although practical as a means of self-defense, kickboxing has gained wide acceptance as a fitness method and a competitive contact sport. Kickboxing was born when Japanese boxing promoter Osamu Noguchi and ...
  5. As coined by Rick Blume in 1995, mixed martial arts incorporates three basic skills: striking, grappling and wrestling, for the purpose of full-contact competitions with varying rules. It also can be referred to as no-holds-barred fighting, vale tudo (Portuguese: “anything goes”), ultimate fighting and cage fighting. The goal for ...
  6. The Ultimate Fighting Championship was initially conceived as a one-time sporting event created for pay-per-view in 1993 by Rorian Gracie, Art Davie and Bob Meyrowitz. It was formed with the goal to gather various martial arts and Olympic sport champions under a “unified” tournament setting to answer the age-old ultimate question, “Which is ...
  7. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have tussled, punched, kicked and screamed. As a way of establishing a peck ordering or even as a means of communication, men have tumbled, rolled and wrestled each other to the ground. The oldest record of wrestling is depicted in cave drawing 15, 000 years old. Other early records of formalized wrestling ...

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