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The first annual Kentucky Kendo Tournament was held in Georgetown Kentucky at the Toyota Motors Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) Fitness Center on Sunday March 11 2012 to round out a busy weekend of Kendo. The yearly Student Kendo Tournament was expanded this year to include students and adults. The division were as follows:

1. Kids No Bogu
2. Kids 12 years old and under
3. Youth 13 - 18 years old
4. Mudansha (No Dan rank, 13 years old and up)
5. Shodan (1Dan)/ Nidan (2Dan)
6. Sandan (3Dan) and higher rank
7. Women
8. Team - Kids 12 years old and under
9. Team - Youth and Adult 13 years old and up. Special “Kachi-nuki-ho” format - Winner Stays.

The 13 years and older Team division used a special “Kachi-nuki-ho” format which is called “The Last Man Standing”. Basically a Kendo Player fights match after match until he/she looses. It tests your endurance as well as your ability to win matches without rest. You can check the Regional website ( for results of this year’s Kentucky Tournament.

Judges in position for the Kid's No-Bogu match

The day before on Saturday March 10 a Regional promotion test was given in Lexington KY. Congratulations to everyone who passed! The next Regional promotion and tournament (Johnson Cup) will be this Fall.

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