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LAHORE - The jujitsu coaching camp which was organized jointly by Sports Board Punjab (SBP) and Punjab Jujitsu Association (PJA) concluded here on Thursday at SBP Gymnasium Hall on Thursday.The Blue Rooms in the Byram Arcade Jujitsu Vet - Rob, Jimmy Mac, Miles and Oliver Jujitsu Vet - Rob, Jimmy Mac, Miles and Oliver High Five - Stuart, Irene, Helen and Elena | WhoopMIDDLESBROUGH Jujitsu Club grappled to four wins and a draw against West Yorkshire opposition at the Kenshinkan mixed martial arts competition in Leeds.BJJ is a grappling martial art with origins in Japanese Jujitsu.Sundas, one of the most successful athletes to wear Pakistan colours at the Asian Beach Games in Thailand, won two silver medals in jujitsu but as far as the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) is concerned, she might as well have not done it.The 11-year-old Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champion received the award from local councillors Mohammed Azim, Tony Kennedy, Habib Rehman, and a special guest - Olympic Bronze medallist archer Alison Williamson MBE.A NEW purpose-built Judo and Jujitsu Training Centre has opened its doors in Treorchy - and already it is proving popular with people of all ages following the success of Welsh teenager Jade Jones at the Olympic Games.TYNEMET College's Tyrone Elliott is a bit of a belter when it comes to jujitsu.The recognition of American Kempo JuJitsu from the International Federation of JuJutsuans is confirmation of this style.The sports teacher has asked him to lead self-defence classes when he sees his impressive jujitsu moves.Gary competed in the World Jujitsu Championships in Canada in 1984.But it might help if you knew a few simple jujitsu techniques.

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