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Frank Y. Matsumoto, kyoshi 7-dan, is a founding member of the Chicago Kendo Dojo (“CKD”). Matsumoto-sensei was born in Stockton, California and began practicing kendo at the age of ten with Mitsuo Nakamura-sensei and Minoru Nozawa-sensei. Matsumoto-sensei and his family moved to Chicago in 1944. Following the establishment of CKD in 1963, Matsumoto-sensei became the head sensei in 1972 and was selected to represent the Midwest Kendo Federation (“MWKF”) in the 1978 U.S. National Kendo Championship held in Los Angeles, California. During his over 45 year affiliation with CKD, Matsumoto-sensei has also been an officer and an adviser to the MWKF. Stanley M. Kadoi, 4-dan, has been associated with the Chicago Kendo Dojo as an active member, instructor and advisor for over 30 years. Born in Hawaii, Kadoi-sensei started kendo at the age of seven at the dojo founded by Shuji Mikami-sensei, one of the pioneers of kendo in the United States. Kadoi-sensei moved to Chicago in 1957. Kadoi-sensei was one of the founding sensei of the BTC Junior Kendo Dojo, and was one of the original organizers along with CKD’s George K. Izui-sensei of the annual kendo summer camp. which is now known as the annual Midwest Kendo Federation summer camp. Jee Hwan Kim, 5-dan Shiho Miyamoto, 5-dan, head instructor, joined the Chicago Kendo Dojo in 1997. Born in Ibaraki, Japan, Shiho started kendo at the age of five as a member of the Kenyukai (ushiku division), and as a member of the Ryugamine Kendo Dojo and the Ryugaseki Budokan. Shiho took first place in the women's division at the annual Midwest Kendo Federation tournament in 2005 and 2006. Shiho has also participated in four U.S. National Kendo Championships, most recently as a member of the 2008 MWKF team. John Condon, 4-dan, has been a member of the Chicago Kendo Dojo since 1995. John has competed regularly as a member of teams representing CKD in the annual Midwest Kendo Federation and other regional tournaments. He has also participated in three U.S. National Kendo Championships as a member of the MWKF team, and received the fighting spirit award at the 2002 tournament. John has practiced kendo in Japan with the Ibaraki Prefecture Police Department, and is an honorary member of the Ibaraki police dojo. John is the current president of CKD. Noriyuki Mizuuchi, 4-dan Masashi Kato, 4-dan Andy Sjordal, 4-dan, is the current secretary of CKD. Shawn Craig, 1-kyu, is the current treasurer of CKD. Robert Kumaki, 3-dan, is the current MWKF liason for CKD. Original Founding Members: Junzo Ideno
George K. Izui
George Kunisada
Frank Y. Matusumoto
Koichi Matusumoto
Shitsuke Maeda
Yoshimitsu Nakamura
Takeo Sugano
Toru Toguri BTC Junior Kendo Dojo Founding Members: Reverend Yukei Ashikaga
Naoji Yui
Stanley Kadoi
George Izui Past Sensei: Yoshimitsu Nakamura
Michael Yasutake
Sachio Maeda
Yutaka Miyazaki
Kenichi Ishihara
Osamu Wada
Yoshiyuki Kurokawa
Kazumasa Tsuburaya
Yusuke Inoue

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