Aggressive Combat Championship Event 8

Combat Jiu Jitsu Schools

Bladium Sports Club
800 W Tower Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

This Brazilian Jujitsu Club holds high standards. When we travelled abroad for five weeks and joined other BJJ classes at our destination, our son was always put in classes with higher belts because the kids with the same color belts as his were no where near up to the same trading and skills as he was after two years of training with Diogo and the rest of the amazing team. Some parents complain that their child doesn't receive the next belt soon enough, but I can see the benefit of not just handing out belts and stripes without the child absolutely deserving it. Fabulous club, teachers and a great price as students can work out five times a week if they prefer.

This is a long overdue review of my experience at Rio Combat. To sum things up I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to learn martial arts, and in particular grappling/bjj. I have trained at 3-4 different schools and have experienced the gamut of what a BJJ academy can be. The absentee instructor, the gym thats too big for its own good, cliqueish training partners, weird smelly people, etc etc. First and foremost in my mind is that the mats are CLEAN. This is super important as it is a matter of safety. For those that don't know, in grappling arts the mats get sweaty and gross after people are training on them for hours, and this funk, left unchecked can breed ringworm, or staph, or other infections. Diogo and the other training partners make it a priority to ensure the mats are cleaned all the time, and I value this a lot. It goes beyond ensuring everyones health and makes a statement about caring for each others welfare in the gym. Secondly are the training partners. There is a wide array of experience and age here from white to black belt. All ages, men and women, children etc all train together. It is nice to have this variety. At some other academies you might only train with other white belts to begin with. I find I learn more when training with both a variety of people in terms of experience level, and in terms of shape and size. Working moves on all different people, seeing what does and doesnt work, is all part of the experience. I appreciate my training partners a lot also because there is a very genuine vibe in the gym and a good camaraderie amongst everyone. Everyone is super supportive and helpful that I have trained with. Third is Diogo (the instructor). Diogo himself teaches 99% of classes at the gym. Oftentimes instructors will delegate a lower belt to teach certain classes or do all the kids classes etc. Diogo instructs AND trains with everyone. This seems like common sense, but oftentimes instructors don't like to train with lower belts or with kids. They may show up to class and teach a move and that is the extent of their involvement. Diogo trains very frequently and is always around to answer a question about a position or move. He is a wealth of knowledge and you can tell he has a genuinely profound love for jiu jitsu. He sets the tone for the gym and this is super important. Finally, bladium (the gym that houses Rio Combat). When you enroll in Rio Combat, part of your membership also translates to gym usage. Bladium is an INSANE gym equipped with everything imaginable. Despite this, the cost for training is among the lowest I have paid at the 4 places I trained at previously. I find this to be a huge perk, as the gym...

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