Guard Passing Examples

Combative Sports examples

examples of holds and throwsThe assailant pushes the opponent’s leg, causing the opponent’s torso to rotate and flip over the assailant’s hip.

stomach throw

The assailant pulls the opponent forward and puts a foot on the his stomach, causing the opponent to be thrown over the assailant’s shoulder.

naked strangle

From behind, the assailant’s arm puts pressure on the opponent’s neck, constricting breathing or cutting off the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

major inner reaping throw

Using the right leg, the assailant sweeps up the opponent’s right leg from the front, causing the opponent to fall backward.

one-arm shoulder throw

Placing the forearms under the opponent’s armpits, the assailant lifts the opponent over his back, propelling the opponent forward.

major outer reaping throw

Using the right leg, the assailant sweeps up the opponent’s left leg from behind, causing the opponent to fall backward.


The assailant uses pressure on the shoulders to pin the opponent to the floor.

arm lock

To force submission, the assailant exerts pressure on the opponent’s elbow joint against its natural bending direction.

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