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Martial Arts Redlands CA

721 Nevada St
Ste 402
Redlands, CA 92373

The coaches here are top notch. I have trained at other places and have noticed a huge difference in skill level of students even at just the white belt level. The students here are GOOD! I received my blue belt at a different gym, and honestly felt more accomplished after receiving my first stripe while training here.The environment is friendly, no machismo but plenty of friendly competitiveness. Another point that speaks to the quality of instruction is the fact that we have MMA fighters here that are King of the Cage champions, as well as UFC contenders (Reuben Duran and Bobby Green). Can't say enough great things about this school.

UPDATED 7 July 2016: I returned to Pinnacle with the intention of rejoining the school, but sadly-and inexcusably for a school that was so popular with kids and adults classes regularly exceeding 25 students, not to mention a stable of professional fighters-the management has been spectacularly lax in basics of school upkeep. One of the bathrooms does not have a functioning lock. Both toilets in both bathrooms are still broken, and one has been so for many months, meaning you have a good chance of finding an unflushed (because it doesn't work) toilet with a dry-docked left over. Due to the lack of upkeep, both bathrooms are also messy and dirty. I am aware that things break in schools as with anyplace else, but to remain broken for weeks or months is not acceptable for a business because it affects the students as well as guest viewers. The class start times and end times are definitely too loose for effective planning. The instructors themselves are still very good and the students are nice, but having been gone for over a year, I was shocked to see how far downhill the school appears to have gone. I cannot in good conscience recommend this school in its current state, and that truly saddens me. First of all-I wanted to correct the address to reflect the updated location: 721 Nevada Street Suite 402, Redlands, California 92374. I did this to avoid any confusion because if you're interested in a) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu b) Wrestling c) Kickboxing or d) MMA (all of the above) then this is a fantastic place to start. Jake is the lead instructor owner and I've watched over the years as he has refined his approach to become a charismatic, sincere and engaged instructor. "DC", a national, possibly world-class wrestler, leads the free-style wrestling training. He too is a remarkably likable, humble, and technically skilled instructor. The Muay Thai kickboxing is generally led by a world class MMA fighter Reuben Duran ( and there's not much more to add to that. It goes without saying that Bobby Green of UFC fame ( currently trains at Pinnacle as well. Years ago this school could be intimidating because of its intensity, but today it is such a remarkably friendly atmosphere. All the students-from professional fighters down to lowly grapplers like me are approachable, friendly, respectful, and without any "attitude." Partner variety is assured with class sizes averaging 25+ students. The warm-ups are generally functional and not the usual mindless jumping jacks and like which, to a trainer and kinesiologist like me makes great sense. The actual practice sessions are challenging but very doable (I'm 51). You can sign up at this school and choose what you want to practice and limit it to Gi-based BJJ or just kickboxing...

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