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My 4 year old has been taking the Tiny Tigers classes (taekwondo) here for the past several months. The teaching staff here are phenomenal with children, and they really take the time to teach the kids self-control, discipline, and focus. If you have a 4 or 5 year old, you understand how challenging they can be when you want them to do *anything*. However, Mr. Brian and Mr. Jensen really communicate well with the children and can orchestrate them while teaching the art. My 3-year-old is, literally, waiting anxiously until the day arrives that she can join this class. She follows along, noises and all, from the bench seating in the front of the facility. MAA combines the structure, the fun, and the progression necessary to keep kids engaged and excited about martial arts. I can't recommend this team enough - they've got a great formula and the kids benefit from it on so many levels.

Martial arts America is awesome! They offer an adult Krav Maga class and classes for kids. I've taken the Krav class and look forward to it every week. Great workout with useful defensive tactics. My kid takes the Tai Kwan Do classes and really enjoys it. The instructor Coach Brian is patient with both adults and kids and truly embraces the martial arts. Highly recommend both adults and kids classes! They have other locations but I've only been to the Dublin one.

My mom and I have been taking Krav Maga classes for about 10 months now. We learn and practice different counter attacks and self-defense moves under Coach Brian and Coach Cliff. The classes are small which allows the coaches to work closely with the individual student. We love the classes. Not only do we learn self defense but get quite a cardio work out in the process.

My 5 year old started coming here for last 2 months and this place is amazing for kids to learn martial arts and have fun at the same time. I kept in a couple different places but I felt instructors and environment is much better here.Also the timing is better suited for working parents.. I will definitely recommend this place for kids -Chaitanya

I have been taking Krav Maga training under coach Brian for a little over two years now. My experience have always been positive. Classes are well structured and have a good balanced between cardio work out to built stamina and practicing different self-defense moves. I love the small class size where the instructor can provide immediate feedback.

My kids have been taking Tae Kwon Do lessons from this academy for almost 2 years. This is a safe place and the teachers are very good. Mr. Brian, their coach, is very patient and affectionate with the girls - he teaches them not only Tae Kwon Do but also self defense as well as good behavior tips. Because of Mr. Brian's focus, my girls have been making much quicker progress and are getting ready for getting their Black Belt. I recommend Martial Arts Academy to both kids and adults.

My son loves coming to Tae Kwan Do classes here with Mr. Brian! The classes are well structured and Mr. Brian has the perfect combination of strictness and patience with his students. I also appreciate the flexibility in the schedule and make-ups-you do not need to sign up for a specific class each week but can come twice a week on any day.

Both of my children's experience at Martial Arts America have been very positive and fulfilling. The skillful and caring guidance by the instructors makes the whole learning experience fun and challenging. Not only have my children been developing the skills that they need, they have been building stronger inner strength and stamina.

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