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My first real introduction to the world of fitness and athletics was through martial arts. I started in stick-fighting and Wushu, and eventually wound up in muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I was and remain fascinated by the world of martial arts. The involvement of not only body, but mind is one of the most fascinating parts - it's a physical chess game.

These ten articles are some of the best we have on the subject of martial arts. They cover ALL different facets - nutrition, ego, technique, conditioning, competition, and more. Read on to learn from our experts some key things you need to know as a martial artist.

John Hackleman, founder of The Pit, seems like a guy who would train fighters - big, bald, covered in tattoos, and full of prison jokes. Learn how John went from nurse to world-class coach.

How do fighters get lean, but stay muscular and strong? Here are 5 things new research shows will have you lose fat and still be able to perform at your sport.

“Leave your ego at the door” - as you cross the threshold into the grappling academy or gym, tap into your humility really fast. You can learn a vital truth from anyone - if you are willing to do so.

Pummelling is both an integral part of any combat sport as well as a great warm up. Even if you don't know any martial arts, this video can teach you the pummelling basics.

Have a friend who's become obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or grappling? Not sure how to communicate with them anymore? Read these 10 tips to win over your martial arts friend!

My journey learning self-defense took me on an unsuspected path - that the real value of self-defense is not physical, but in learning to defend who I truly am, and in discovering who I truly am.

BJJ practitioners and CrossFitters both want to spend as much time training as possible. Preventing low back and neck injuries is a huge part of this equation!

If you participate in any type of contact sport like wrestling or martial arts, you may become more susceptible to skin conditions.

It's competition season for grapplers, and I am getting ready for several upcoming tournaments. In the coming weeks, I'm going to write about my preparation - come along for the ride!

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