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After much consideration, I visited Karate America of Fort Lauderdale and participated in one of their complimentary Krav Maga classes. Upon class completion, the instructor, Mr. Twiggs, offered a plan, as shown in his company binder, of 12, $125.00 installments and waive of the $300.00 initial fee (down payment). The plan required a minimum of a one year commitment. Another alternative given was a 20% discount if paid, in full, up front. However, the following day I was informed by Wendy that everyone is required to pay an initial payment; a bait and switch action that I found completely unprofessional. They were essentially offering a reduced

fee of $125.00. Well, anyone with the English knowledge, would agree that showing and vocalizing a waive means exactly that, zero down. You can't turn around and claim the requirement of initial fee. It's one or the other not both. Attempting to dupe a potential client is incredibly unprofessional.

In a follow-up call with Mr. Twiggs, he denied offering the previously stated plan by claiming a misunderstanding, ignored my comment referencing his book, and ended our conversation instantly. There were 3 of us that evening and all were offered the same. Buyers beware. Don't be duped.

I am completely appalled by the actions of the staff and would not recommend the local establishment or Karate America to anyone. I don’t recommend Karate America because in my efforts to contact the company headquarters, I was met with staff hesitation. No one wants to give you their names or address your concerns. This left me uneasy and questions the professionalism of this franchise. You are given 3 BSN days to cancel your contract, however; it took numerous phone calls and warning to seek legal action, for my concern to finally be addressed and the cancellation, within the allotted time, to be acknowledged. I am still awaiting my credit which I was told would not exceed 7 business days. Do your research before committing. Don’t make the mistake I made. Thankfully, I was able to cancel within the time frame but sadly, many people have probably fallen victim to their bait and switch gimmick.

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