Inverse Tucson Jiu Jitsu Yoga

Tucson Jiu-Jitsu

Tucson Women's self-defense-Jiujitsu at Martial Arts of TucsonShiden'issen Jujutsu are affilates of Hatashita Sports.
Fuji and Mizuno gi.

Tucson's premier self-defense for women - Jiujitsu

With Jujutsu, you are learning how to defend yourself from the very first day. From the moment you start, you're already rolling around on the mat and learning REAL WORLD technique and applications! This regimen will set in a dose of REALITY to your workout and before you know'll be losing weight and getting in shape as a result! Not to mention the fun you will have along your journey.

Women's self defense, Jiu-Jitsu flyer for Martial Arts of Tucson

Women's self-defense. MMA girls. Jujutsu. Martial arts advertisement. Jiu-jitsu girls.A new flyer for Shiden'issen Jujutsu women's martial arts at Martial Arts of Tucson dojo. Offering a free class on Tuesdays.

S i J women's self defense series - Jiu Jitsu girls

Continuing the formidable and alluring, professionally designed promotional series to advocate women in martial arts. 'Fasten' captures the girls' imminent threat of a rear mount attack. Sexy MMA Jiu-jitsu girls.

Jiu-jitsu - Apparently is somewhere in this photo.

A first look at the new S i J promotional series to further advocate women in martial arts - that will be seen both in print and on the web. It's a formidable and alluring, professionally designed series that feature actual students of Jujutsu.

Sexy Jiu-jitsu girls. Women's self-defense. MMA girls. Rear Naked Choke S i J Facebook fanpage

Shiden'issen Jujutsu ( S i J) Tucson Women Martial Arts.The new S i J series to further advocate women in martial arts . A formidable and alluring, professionally designed series that feature actual students of Shiden'issen Jujutsu (S i J) - Tucson, AZ. Women's self-defense program.
Jujutsuka: Nicole and Natalie.

Jiu-jitsu girls. Women's self defense program.

Jujutsu is the art of unarmed combat. A great emphasis is placed on maintaining the attackers flow of momentum (which follows from the art's name), in which ju connotes pliability and suppleness.

Movements tend to emphasize circularity, and capitalize on an attacker's momentum and openings in order to place a joint in a compromised position or to break balance as preparatory for a take-down or throw.

Sexy Jiu-jitsu girls. Women's self-defense Sexy Jiu-jitsu girls. Women's self-defense. martial arts of tucson. Shiden'issen Jujutsu. Martial Arts of Tucson - Sensei Ryan Maza - Shiden'issen Jujutsu

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