Samurai Jiu Jitsu DVDs

Samurai Jiu Jitsu

2125 S Winchester Blvd
Ste 130
Campbell, CA 95008
(831) 709-5698

My kids are taking Jiujitsu. This place is amazing! Rich is just so patient and positive with the kids, a fantastic role model that teaches them all respect. His facility is gorgeous, and he really does care about his students. I would give him 6 stars if I could.

My 8 year old son started taking classes at Samurai Brazilian Jujitsu over the summer and really enjoyed it. I wanted my son to learn a martial art and discipline from the right person/instructor. I was very fortunate to find this school. The owner who is also an instructor is very personable, knowledgeable and has a natural way with the kids. He makes the class enjoyable while teaching the fundamentals of Brazilian Jujitsu. The studio itself is very clean and welcoming. I encourage anyone who is interested or may be interested to try this place. I hope to keep my son with Rich for a long time. Definitely a 5-star establishment.

Samuria is an amazing school! This is my first committed, and serious foray into any martial art, and I've had a blast so far. I've taken martial arts in the past and wrestled in middle school, so I'm familiar with schools, and also have some friends who are martial arts instructors. This school is definitely a stand out to to me. The instructors are very professional, but also very down to earth, casual, and friendly. This is a school that truly values people's experiences there, and wants everyone to grow and learn at a healthy and reasonable pace. In no way does that mean they aren't serious! The instructors are talented and experienced martial artists and Rich is a welcoming and fun instructor who has a lot of first hand experience to share. The facilities are very clean (this is really important when it comes to a Dojo) and the mat is cleaned, wiped, and sanitized twice a day. They have great showering facilities, which are neat, and easy to use. Students can purchase Gi's from the school, or get a loner until they purchase their own. I would highly recommend this school!

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