Aikido Arts Center Santa Fe

Street Aikido

These classes focus on ukemi skills, fundamental principles, and basic techniques. While targeted for beginners, all are welcome. Material is geared to those in attendance.


Basics classes emphasize techniques that students are first tested on in the lower ranks. Generally, techniques will be organized along one theme (various ways of using one movement, for example, or various ways of responding to one attack), and enough time will be given to each technique so that beginners can start to become familiar with it, while more advanced practitioners can work to improve execution.


These are, for the most part, taught by our chief and senior instructors. The techniques taught can be more advanced and beginning students may feel at times confused and out of place. Don’t be discouraged – that’s the same way people who have been practicing for years often feel.


Randori classes focus on defense against multiple, simultaneous attacks. These classes aim to teach awareness, quick responsiveness, and calmness in the face of attack.


By instructor’s permission.


These classes present bokken and jo (wooden sword and staff) practice, with the purpose of exploring the principles of Aikido. You are free to bring your own weapons or use one of the dojo’s weapons.


Available to all members interested in working on any aspect of their Aikido practice, subject to supervision by a senior dojo member. During the several weeks preceding kyu testing, free practice is intended to provide kyu rank candidates with extra time to work with their sponsors. Even if you are not testing, free practice is an excellent opportunity to work on your ukemi.


“Cleaning is an active prayer of thanksgiving. It is each student’s responsibility to assist in cleaning the dojo and to cleanse his or her own mind and heart.” ASU Handbook, Second Edition.

Each Bond Street member actively participates in cleaning and maintenance of the dojo. This includes vacuuming, dusting, laundering rags & towels, removing trash & recyclables, and purchasing supplies. Related reading: Meaningful Misogi by Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan.

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