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Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, An Illustrated Introduction
by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook

From the web site:

QUITE SIMPLY, THE VERY BEST AIKIDO BOOK EVER!!! Ever since age, 5; I've been an absolutely avid collector of martial arts books; believe me, I've collected tons; honestly, this one is 'THE BEST!'

A reader from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, July 25, 1999
The best in Aikido! I found this book to be the most informative book on Aikido on the market. It has many easy to follow illustrations, and it goes into explanation that other books on Aikido don't even touch on. This is by far the best Aikido book out there!

A Reference textbook for Aikidokas. This book has a wonderful balance of the underlying philosophy of the art as well as the technical aspects. While I wish there were more focus on the throws, bokken and jo movements, the second half of the book serves as an excellent reference for Aikidokas. Reading this book periodically gives me new insights and clarifies some of the movements that are taught in class. This book is invaluable, especially before grading.

Aikido in Everyday Life, Giving in to Get Your Way
by Terry Dobson & Victor Miller

Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of living. The principles of aikido are uniquely suited to everyday conflict resolution because it is a martial art based on avoiding attack. Its non-defensive, prosocial stance offers new options for dealing with conflict and can help break habits such as bullying and intimidation. from Fairfield County, Connecticut, March 4, 1998
A must for interpersonal relations, conflict resolution. I also picked up this book after skimming several Aikido technique manuals. What a pleasant surprise to find out that this book ultimately has little to do with physical techniques. I've used Dobson's "Conflict Options" several times since my first read. With all sincerity these really work. His explanation of conflict options, with the addition of "AIKI" as a "technique" to address an attack, have actually enhanced my interpersonal relationships, i.e. work and most importantly, at home. This book has more to do with psychology, geometry, and education than with what you may think about martial arts. Yet the conflict options can also be used in a physical setting as well. Find this book somewhere, it's a keeper!

The Spirit of Aikido
Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Taitetsu Unno (Translator) from Berkeley, California, January 26, 1999
A must read for anyone interested in Aikido. I read this book before I knew anything about Aikido. I must say that the ideas that Doshu expresses in this book are incredible. After finishing the book I saw in the back that there was a dojo in Berkeley right near where I live so I went to watch and have been training since that day everyday for three hours. The expression and clarity in the book are ones that not all martial arts books can do. If you are interested it will be a most enjoyable read. If your not interested you'll still enjoy it. from Oakland, California, January 11, 1999
Required reading for every martial artist. There is no doubt that Kisshomaru Ueshiba was one of the greatest martial artists of all times. Even forgoing his phenomenal Aikido skill, this book will always be a treasured tome, held dear by Aikidoists everywhere. No other book is so concise, with such poetry combining with the technicality. My first reading opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of the arts, a book written so humbly, yet packing electrifying knowledge. from Australia, November 6, 1998
An indispensable requirement for any Akidoka. A well written overview of Aikido, its beginnings its philosophy from someone very close to its founder, his son. This book has been with me for 10 years and I read it constantly. It helps me in the dojo, at home and work. Spiritually its uplifting and I am always conscious of its content. One has to read it to gain their own reflection. I have a long way to go. An absolute must for any Akidoka or persons wanting a full life.

It's a lot like dancing.., An Aikido Journey
by Terry Dobson, Riki Moss, and Jan E. Watson

Aikido is much more than a martial art. This book does a wonderful job of capturing the comprehensive impact that the practice of Aikido can have on your whole life. The black and white photography seems to twirl off the page with breathtaking beauty.

Visually stunning and masterful story telling Terry Dobson was one of the only Americans to be an Uchi Deshi (live-in student) to O'Sensei and his insights and candid humor about himself, training, Japan and the US is not only inspiring but fulfilling. One of the great catalysts for western study of this wonderful art, I can think of no other book that can enlighten the uninitiated to the essence of Aikido and give a glimpse to the practitioner of one of the American greats in Aikido history.

I love this book. It is amazing how brilliantly the photographs have been matched with the stories. The photographs are mesmerizing, the stories compelling. This would be a wonderful addition to any library.

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