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Ki Aikido with Michael Geisner…..

Why do Ki Aikido with me – Michael Geisner?

People do Ki Aikido because it is a unique martial art.

It’s not another “punch & kick” style like Karate or Tae Kwon Do. Instead of trading blows, we learn how to get out of the way, take control of an attack and bring a swift end to the conflict without being aggressive or violent.

It’s not a sport. Aikido is done in a co-operative way – we provide each other challenges, but it’s all done in the sense of making each other better.

It’s a way to protect yourself without relying on strength, aggression and violence.

Instead, we learn to be calm and focussed and use our body properly and learn correct techniques.

It’s great for all people because they can be effective no matter what their size, age, personality.

I have taught 5 year olds how to hold me down on the ground and I can’t get up. (and I’m an average size adult male)

We also learn a lot about our minds and bodies – we learn meditation, breathing, movement skills and great posture. It’s about a healthy, harmonious way of life.

The harmonious strategies people learn in Ki Aikido impacts their lives. I’ve taught people in high stress, conflict ridden jobs, people who want a happier outlook on life, kids who are being bullied…

Everybody has conflict in their lives and Aikido can help them learn how to respond in a much better way.

20161003_213524Becoming a more violent person is not the answer. Being more confident and harmonious is!

20. Selfless Virtue

Even if One is infinitely reduced, it does not become Zero. Words and actions are like this; once they have gone out, they do not disappear forever.

A good cause brings a good effect, a bad cause brings a bad effect – what we give out always come back to us.

Before we wish for our happiness and our descendants’ prosperity, we must build up good causes where people do not see, where we do not seek reward. This is called ‘Selfless Virtue.’

And the highest form of Selfless Virtue is earnest practice of the Way of the Universe and leading others and bringing about this practice.

Some people think Aikido takes a LONG time to learn.

I disagree.

This video is a case in point.

This ten year old and his mum came along today and in the last half hour of class, I showed them how to get out of the way of a punch and guide it safely to the floor so that even much bigger attackers go sprawling.

No bruises, no fighting, no agro.

I call this EFFECTIVENESS and it teaches children the best attitude in human relationships and life.

Want to know what takes a long time to learn? Trying to become stronger, faster, than others to defeat them. Even if this is achieved, it is surely temporary success and only relative.

Communing with the Sea.This attitude also sets one up for a LOT of struggle with life and life always wins.

There is conflict in the relative, winners and losers, stronger and weaker, but the great truth is that we are all one.

If you want to learn martial arts, you need proper in-person, body and mind instruction, not a video. I only did this one to show viewers the science behind my previous one about punch & tackle defence. Too many people these days have fickle attention spans. They either say, ‘Wow, amazing. Wish I could do that!” and then click on to something else so they don’t have to actually MAKE AN EFFORT or they say, “Too good to be true. It can’t be real.’ Both of these attitudes are the trademark of people who don’t achieve results.

Conversely, those who attend even one class can do a LOT! If a ten year old boy can make up his mind he wants to learn it, then so can you.

This is the power of TURNING UP TO CLASS.

You’ll see what I mean in my next video.

Here is an updated version of a video we made back in 2013, showing how easy it is to blend with these attacks, when we apply principles of Aikido & Ki.

I’m doing the throws, but my students also do them with each other and on me, too. When it’s one on one and nage applies the lock properly, there is not much uke can do.

And the wonderful thing is it does not require superior size or any muscular strength at all and the pain of the lock is mainly created when the attacker struggles against it and their own violent strength rebounds back to themselves.

Put the attacker’s arm at the correct angle and a child can hold down a strong adult holding one of their fingers…. Sound too good to be true? Probably does if you don’t know martial arts,

The front tackle is a popular contemporary attack probably because of its success in MMA tournaments.

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