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Aikido Fort Worth

Long time no hear. I've been hunting for you. How is N. Calif.. Drop me an E-mail.


Yes, the SMU Martial Arts Club/aikijujutsu is going strong. We are associated with Don Angier and operate a Yanagi ryu Tozama Dojo there. The drive from Ft Worth in not 40 miles unless you live in west Ft Worth but it is still a hike. Downtown to downtown is closer to 30 miles. That is still a bit of a drive but we have several students driving that far. One drives in from Burleson, about 50 miles. The SMU campus is just a couple of miles north of downtown Dallas.

BTW, the chief instructor of the club is Bryan Robbins but he is not the VP of SMU. That is Dr Tom Barry. He is a founding member of the club and teaches with us as well.

If we can be of any service just drop me a line. As far as Aikido goes I highly recommend North Texas Aikido under the direction of Sensei Pat Hendricks. Russ Alvey is the dojo cho there but that is a big hike from Ft Worth. That Dojo is about 30 mile north of Dallas. Wish I could be more helpful.

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